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Message from the Dean

Welcome to Seoul National University's Graduate School of Public Administration(GSPA).

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Established in 1959, the Graduate School of Public Administration laid the foundation for public policy and administration studies in Korea. Our graduates have become leaders in academia, national agencies, public institutions, the press and media, and corporations, and they have made important academic and social contributions. Moreover, the GSPA faculty boasts excellent research accomplishments and has continuously been devoted to advancing the field of public policy and administration.

GSPA offers rigorous master’s and doctoral programs in public administration, public policy, global public administration, and public enterprise policy. These programs, which meet the nation’s highest academic standards, provide knowledge and training that reflect the changing demands of the field. Also, the public leadership course, national policy course, creativity and innovation course, and other open lectures maintain high academic quality. Furthermore, GSPA is committed to training talented researchers through participation in various projects, such as BK21+ and SSK, and to actively building its research accomplishments by operating nationally subsidized research centers, including the Asia Development Institute and the Knowledge Center for Public Administration & Policy.

We will further strengthen as well as expand our research and academic programs and strive to become a pioneer in public policy and administration studies in East Asia. GSPA aims to be recognized as the top public policy and administration graduate school in Asia and to uphold its status as an institution that pursues public interest. To do so, we are dedicated to providing funding to promote outstanding research, reinforcing a diverse set of academic programs to enhance the quality of education, and actively participating in community service.

I encourage you to join us in shaping GSPA’s future.


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