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Purpose of Establishment

The Graduate School of Public Administration (GSPA)was founded on January 13, 1959 in accordance with the Law of Education and Establishment Regulations. As the first professional graduate school in Korea, GSPA was established for the purposes of carrying out in-depth research in public policy and administration and educating students in this field. For over 50 years, GSPA has been committed to empowering students to become experts that successfully apply their knowledge and skills in responding to public issues. GSPA graduates go on to become high-ranking public officials in many aspects of government, as well as faculty and scholars in various public policy and administration schools in the nation.

Through university-run research activities in diverse areas of public affairs, GSPA engages in resolving public issues and advancing the quality of public administration. In addition, GSPA runs short-term training programs that target leaders in both public and private sectors. GSPA faculty members provide advisory services to the central government, local governing entities and ministries, thereby taking an active part in community service.

In 2009, GSPA introduced the Master of Public Policy program as a means of laying a new foundation to our nation’s education of public policy and administration. In 2010, GSPA created the Public Policy Major for public enterprise directors and, in 2011, launched the Global Master of Public Administration (GMPA) that prepares government employees of developing countries to become competitive leaders in a global society.


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