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2013.01  Academic Exchange Agreement with Maxwell School of Syracuse University

2012.11 Academic Exchange Agreement with University of Southern California

2012.06 Academic Exchange Agreement with Beijing Normal University

2012.05 Academic Exchange Agreement with Korea Culture & Tourism Institute

2012.01 Academic Exchange Agreement with Korean Social Science Research Council

2011.04 Established agreement with KOICA to launch Global Masters of Public Administration (GMPA)

2011.01 Academic Exchange Agreement with University of Canberra

2010.12 Renovation completed for the Information Communication & Broadcasting Administration Building (Bldg. #57) and the “Research Center Cluster”

2010.06 Academic Exchange Agreement with University of Pittsburgh
Academic Exchange Agreement with George Mason University

2010.07 Professor Oh, Yeon Cheon appointed as the 25th president of SNU

2010.03 Launched the Master of Public Enterprise Policy degree program
Construction completed for the Integrated Education Research Building & The 2nd Education Research Building at GSPA (Bldg. #57-1)
Asia Development Institute (ADI) recognized as SNU’s Asia Development Research Institute

2010.02 Created the SOC Policy Course (total of 144 students have completed the course up to date in 2013)



2009.06 Created the SOC Policy Course (total of 144 students have completed the course up to date in 2013)

2009.05 Declared GSPA’s “Vision 2019”

2009.03 Launched the Public Policy major for Masters and Doctoral degree programs

2008.09 Academic Exchange Agreement with The Japanese Association of Law & Political Science
Academic Exchange Agreement with National Chengchi University

2008.06 Academic Exchange Agreement with Sun Yat-Sen University

2008.03 Academic Exchange Agreement with China Youth University for Political Sciences

2008.02 Academic Exchange Agreement with Keio University

2008.01 The Korean Journal of Policy Studies recognized as a registered academic publication by the National Research Foundation of Korea

2007.01 Academic Exchange Agreement with the Rutgers-Newark School of Public Affairs & Administration

2006.04 Recognized by the BK21 Foundation (a foundation that trains expert personnel on the science of government operations)

2005.12 Korea Journal of Public Administration selected and registered as an academic publication by the Korean Research Foundation

2005.04 Construction began for the Integrated Research and Education Complex with Public Administration Research Center
Exchange Agreement with Institute for International Contact Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung (HSS)

2004.06 Exchange Agreement with The Okuma School of Public Management at Waseda University
The establishment of the Asian Development Center

2002 Revisions made for the establishment regulations for the Korean Administration
Research Center; the research center becomes independent

2001.12 Doctorate class capacity increased to 20 students
Establishment of Korean Public Policy Knowledge Center



1999.12 Academic Exchange Agreement with the Rutgers-Newark School of Public Affairs & Administration

1999.04 40th year celebrations
Commencement of Fundraising for the Development of GSPA

1996.06 Construction completed for the Information Communication & Broadcasting Administration Building

1995.10 Information Communication & Broadcasting Policy program launched (As of February 2005, 244 graduates have taken this program)

1994. Technological Policy Program established (As of 1995, 65 graduates have taken this program)

1993. Ceremony held for the construction of the Information & Communication Administration Building (current GSPA building)

1992.11 Information & Communications Administration Research Center established in response to the Information Age

1991.04 30th year celebrations for the GSPA Alumni Association

1990.08 Policy Development Program renamed as National Policy Program (As of February 2005, 1880 graduates have taken this program)

1990.05 The Public Administration Research Center renamed as Korea Research Institute of Public Administration

1989.05 30th year celebrations

1986.05 The Policy Development Program publishes the first issue of The Korean Journal of Policy Studies (Issue no. 19, vol. 2 published on February 2005)

1981. Public Policies discipline established for Masters program



1979. Policy Development Research Program renamed as Policy Development Program

1976. GSPA became the nation’s first professional graduate school to launch a Doctorate course in Public Administration

1974. The first issue of Policy Development Research published by the Policy Development Research Program (13th issue published in 1985; renamed as The Korean Journal of Policy Studies in 1986)

1971.01 Policy Development Research Program launched as a short-term training program for high-level government employees

1970.02 10 students graduated from the Urban and Regional Planning course (in 1973, this course is moved to the School of Environmental Studies)

1968. Urban and Regional Planning course established

1967.11 Research Center (established on January 1959) renamed as Public Administration Research Center

1962.12 The first issue of The Collection of Administrative Dissertations (Hangjeong Nongchon) published (issue no. 42, vol 4 published on February 2005)

1961.03 The first 80 Masters students graduated from GSPA; GSPA distinguished from the Law School

1959.01 Graduate School of Public Administration established within SNU’s Law School under order of the President


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