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Since its opening in 1959, SNU Graduate School of Public Administration has lead Korea’s public administration and policy, and contributed to development of Korea by providing excellent resources for every corner of the society. What connects passionate faculty members, prominent alumni in diverse fields, and current students who will soon lead the future is GSPA student council.

Based upon self-rule, student council is elected by the student body to enhance student welfare and fellowship. Student council works to improve student unity, research ability, and relationship between faculty members and the students.

As a representative of student body, student council facilitates communication among faculty members, staffs, and students. As it carries out election promises, fixes inconvenience, and implements suggestions, student council seeks to contribute to the development of GSPA.

Student council organizes various activities and events such as new student orientation, academic conference, membership training, homecoming day, and teacher appreciation day that students can get involved. Student council will put ceaseless efforts to plan and organize such events so that members of the GSPA community can enjoy fun and meaningful graduate school life.

There are many different academic programs at GSPA. Student council will work hard for all the programs at school --- MPA, MPP, PhD, SOC, MPEP and GMPA program --- to collaborate and make a better community that we all can feel sense of belonging.


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