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Students at GSPA at SNU aspire to be successful public servants. In order to train the students with professional knowledge and useful skills for their future career in public sector, we provide academic curriculum and programs

Benefit1: Prepare for the Civil Service Exam and earn a Master’s Degree

- Prepare for the Civil Service Exam and earn a Master’s Degree
- Individual counseling with advisors

Benefit2: Maximize synergy between test preparation and graduate studies

- Courses specifically focused on public officer preparation track
- Special lectures on public officer essay examination.
- 1:1 essay comments by professors

Benefit3: Provide facility and programs for Civil Service Exam preparation

- Guarantee assigned seats in reading room and arrange group study
- Special lectures from external lecturers
- Mock interview practices with specialists in that fields
- Exam consultation program

Benefit4: Construct human network for the future

- Distinguished human networking among GSPA alumni
- Mentoring from GSPA alumni in public sector

Benefit5: Reduce uncertainty

- Provide information about career plan change
- Professional career development consultation

PCL Special Lectures

GSPA offers PCL special lecture series in order to help students better understand public administration and other related subjects. Unlike traditional lectures, PCL Special Lectures focus on taking mock tests and receiving professor’s feedback. Through the one-on-one interaction with professors, students are expected not only to improve their understanding on the subject but also to be equipped with test-taking skills. Before registering, students are advised to consider the purpose and characteristics of this course. Only students who have studied each subject enough and have in-depth understanding are recommended to sign-up.


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