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Program Overview

This specialized program was established in 2010 and trains participants to generate strategies intended to advance SOC-related public organizations and to develop policies aimed at raising national and global competitiveness. Korea Land and Housing Corporation, Genco Cooperation Service, Korea Expressway Corporation and other SOC-related organizations have been commissioned to run this program. This program adopts a systematic and professional method to teaching participants about the role of public organization managers and about government policy. The main objective of this program is to help public organization managers to become the next generation of public leaders.

This is a full-time one-year program in which participants will learn not only about public administration and policy (e.g., organizational and human resources management, financial management, leadership, etc.) but also about specialized SOC-related policies (e.g., urban policies, environmental policies, etc). Moreover, participants will increase their global competitiveness by studying case studies about developed countries and taking available foreign language classes.

Additional Opportunities

Combining policy and management

This program is the first of its kind in the nation. It educates participants to become the next generation of public leaders that are well aware of the policy making process, possess management as well as analytical skills.

Building global leadership

Through national and international field trips, participants will obtain leadership and conflict resolution skills that are adapted to a changing environment.

Forming policy networks

GSPA alumni play crucial roles in various fields and actively participate in leading our society. Many students in the GSPA’s Public Enterprise Policy Program are personnel from major public enterprises and will become the next generation of leaders. The close policy networks that students form with each other will serve as important assets in their careers.


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