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    The Asia Development Institute (ADI) was established at the Graduate School of Public Administration (GSPA) of Seoul National University (SNU) in 2004 with the primary purpose of conducting research and carrying out capacity building programs in the context of economic and social development in Asia.

    Korea has the unique experience of achieving rapid development, transforming itself from one of the poorest countries in the world and a recipient of Official Development Assistance (ODA) to one of the most economically advanced. Korea is one of the few countries in the world to graduate from a recipient of aid to a donor within a single generation, an achievement highlighted by the country’s entry into the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) on November 25, 2009. Less Developed Countries (LDCs) and emerging economies have viewed the Korean Economic Development model as vibrant, resilient, and sustainable. This view has encouraged government officials from developing countries to visit Korea to learn from, and to emulate, our experiences.

    This backdrop to the genesis of the ADI accounts for its orientation toward the issue of development. ADI positions itself as an academic-based institute, with the aim of promoting and sharing Korea’s success story and development strategies with developing countries through a variety of research and training programs.

    As an institute attached to the Graduate School of Public Administration at Seoul National University, ADI has the advantage of being able to tap the academic depth and scholastic diversity to excel in its field, with the strong academic foundation of GSPA’s five decades of active research on public policy in Korea.

    ADI has successfully dealt with a range of diverse topics and issues, leveraging experience of our expert teaching staff in GSPA and SNU. ADI also has put a lot of effort into forming partnerships with a wide and diverse range of organizations across the public and private sectors to implement extensive comparative studies by learning from the policy experiences of other developing countries.


    ADI’s mission is to promote public policy that can be utilized for enhancing economic and social development, and to contribute to the capacity-building efforts of Asian countries. With academic and professional expertise gained from five decades of comprehensive policy research at GSPA, the faculty and researchers at the ADI aim to offer new ideas and creative knowledge on public policy.

    By sharing our ideas, strategies, and expertise on various policy issues, and by enhancing mutual cooperation between Korea and other nations, we aim to meet global opportunities and challenges that lie ahead as one, together with Asian countries and the rest of the world. The specific goals of ADI are as follows:

    • Share Experiences: To share Korea’s experience of rapid economic development and the policies that have made such development possible;
    • Enhance Development: To enhance the understanding of each country’s policy issues and needs, and to help design strategies for social and economic development;
    • Promote Partnership & Cooperation: To promote partnership through strategy and policy cooperation and to seek areas of common interests that will further enhance Asia’s prosperity.


    Major activities and programs of Asia Development Institute (ADI) can be classified under three headings: capacity building, research & dissemination, and network building.

    • Capacity Building: The ADI has been running capacity-building programs for public officials from developing countries. There are three major courses at present.
    • Research & Dissemination: We have hosted international seminars and follow-up seminars, and carried out research related to economic and social development, utilizing academic and professional expertise gained from the Graduate School of public Administration (GSPA), Seoul National University.
    • Network Building: ADI promotes international cooperation in the field of public administration. To this end, ADI has established a research network with a wide and diverse range of organizations across the public and private sectors of developing countries, and seeks to further interact with Africa, Latin America and more Asian countries in the future.


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