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    Center for Survey Research was established to provide information necessary to state management based upon the citizen’s demands and evidence. In order to do so, the center examines citizen perception on government’s role and offers solution regarding its management and functions. By asking the citizens what functions government should carry out, and to which extend it should, we seek to draw a “think map” about the ultimate role of government.


    To achieve the center’s goal, time-series survey research with constant questionnaires is necessary. Therefore, we devoted to develop questionnaires in 2012. In February 2013, the center published “the handbook of questionnaire on government’s role,” which compiled various survey questionnaires regarding government’s role.

    Based upon these, the center conducted a survey on . This survey not only examined general public perception, but also the leading opinion groups such as public officers, journalists, civic society workers, Congress and party workers to compare the differences.

    From January 2013, the center is conducting a survey on . Seeing the ultimate purpose of the public service as the increase in citizen’s happiness, we look at how people’s the degree of happiness differs across different local government, which public administration affects happiness, and how subjective view on quality of life and objective view of it are related.


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