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    Purpose of foundation

    Research Center for Employment and Labor Center was established for “scientification of employment and labor administration and relevant fields” through “evidence-based policy,” in October 2011.

    Emergence of capitalism 4.0 paradigm implies that the relationship between government and market has shifted from the vertical relationship in that of developmental state paradigm to interdependent relationship. Such shift in paradigm created the need for convergence of economic ideology, flexibility, and diversity in interests. In order to provide policy alternatives needed for domestic job creation, the center provides scientific analysis and prospects on the future employment and labor administration; it strives to predict the changes in rapidly changing employment and labor policy environment and provides scientific policy data.

    This center serves as a platform for GSPA faculty members, scholars who study employment, and public officials to share their experience and questions so as to integrate practical, theoretical, and scientific analysis that leads to evidence-based employment and labor research.


    • Policy advice to the Ministry of Labor and Employment
    • Policy marketing for labor and employment issues
    • Form favorable policy network
    • Research projects


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