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    SSRT (Smart Society Research team) is a research team that is headed by GSPA Professor Kim DongWook, current chief of KISDI; the team is also composed of Kyungsung University Professor Jung ChoongSik, Mokwon University Professor Kim DaeHo, Kwangwoon University Professor Kwon HunYoung. SSRT was formed in 2011 as a part of the SSK (Social Science Korea) project. The SSK project aims to develop research in social sciences and equip the next generation of social scientists and Think Tanks with the ability to resolve challenging national and social issues. In order to achieve the goals of SSK, each researcher must create growth models that demonstrate their research progress from a small scale to mid-scale to large scale. Moreover, SSK seeks to gather academics and researchers with diverse backgrounds in order to carry out integrated research projects.

    SSRT is currently affiliated with “The emergence of the Risk Society its sustainability” part of the 2011 Top-down agenda; and SSRT’s current research is based on “Smart Technology and the Risk Society: Research on the Incompatibility of Technology and Regulation.” The advancement from Information Society to Smart Society has signified that connections among principal information agents have become much more elaborate. As a result, there is a much increased possibility for a person to have the ability to communicate with anyone at anytime and anywhere. SSRT holds the belief that the risks that are associated with Smart Technology are qualitatively and quantitatively different from those related the previous Information Communication Technology. SSRT places special emphasis on the risks and dangers that result from the gap between new technology and technology related regulations.

    From 2011 to 2012, SSRT has carried out the following research projects: In order to comprehend the specific conveniences and dangers of Smart Technology, SSRT researched the actual conditions of public SmartWork and also conducted an awareness investigation. Also, the team is conducting research on Cloud Computing and Big Data. Furthermore, SSRT is discussing ways to respond to issues related to the protection of private information and the Personal Information Protection Act.

    SSRT shares its research results with other research teams and, thus, seeks to develop its research process. SSRT and Yonsei University’s SmartWork and Quality of Life Research Team hosted a seminar together and will continue to develop its joint relationship. SSRT, also, regularly participates in the SSK Networking Symposiums to communicate with a diverse network of researchers. Moreover, SSRT invites professionals and experts to SSRT seminars in which they discuss the benefits and dangers of Smart Technology.


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