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Public Policy Information Center


Public Policy Information Center is a subject library established in 1971 with support of the Asia Foundation. Throughout the history of the Graduate School of Public Administration, Public Policy Information Center has assisted all academic endeavors by effectively providing support for teaching and learning with organized instruction on library use, collaboration with other libraries to facilitate resource sharing, as well as serving the nationwide network of academic libraries.


Material Status

Classification Books
Separate volumes (Domestic) 19,400
(Foreign) 11,051
Periodicals 281 kinds
Reference/Statistical data 8,088
Dissertations 10,968
Non-book Materials 230 cases
  • Thesis Materials : Including
    - Master's, Doctoral dissertations
    - Dissertations from other Universities
    - Course completion dissertation
    • Advanced Center for Administrative Development
    • Advanced Program for Information Communication & Broadcasting Policy
    • Social Overhead Capital Policy Program
  • Non-book Materials : CD/DVD, Tapes, Maps, Supplements.


For more information, please contact

  • Name : Gong, Gui Young
  • Phone : 880-5605
  • Fax : 871-5209
  • E-mail :
  • Address : Building 57, #102, Graduate School of Public Administration, Public Policy Information Center, Kwanak-Ro 1 ga, Kwanak-Gu, Seoul.

User Guide

  • Photocopying : Self copy system with copy card(SNU ID card or CP Gate car

Range of using materials

  • Borrowing available : Separate volumes, Dissertations
  • Borrowing unavailable : Periodicals(P), References (R), Non-book materials(CF), Specify
  • Number of books : 10 books for undergraduate students, 20 books for Graduate students and Staff members, 40 books for professors
  • Period : 10 days for undergraduate students, 1 month for graduate students and non-academic staff members, 3 months for professors
  • Renewals: For books whose expiration dates have not passed. two renewals are allowed per book. 
  • Overdue penalties: Overdue fines of ₩100 per book are imposed from the third overdue date. The overdue fines of the first two days are included in the charges from the third day. Please utilize the Online Payment Service for overdue fines. (Exception for foreigners, persons under age and those on fixed-rate cellular phone plans.) 

Floor Guide

Floor Contents Status & Facilities
2F - Journals & Newsletters
- Newspaper(Joong-Ang, Kyung-Hyang)
- 12 work places
1F - Course materials
- List of MA & doctoral dissertations
- Lists of non-book materials
- Printers & copy machines (2)
- Computers for searching books (3)
- Scanner (1)
- Reserved book/Specify Book/New acquisitions
- Offices / Information desk / borrowing/return
B1F - Domestic & Foreign separated volumes
- Donated books: (kept separately)
- Oversized books: (kept separately) : 大
- References : R
- Journals : P
- Dissertations(MA/Doctoral) : 석사/박사
- Course completion dissertation (ACAD, AIC, SOC)
- 8 work places
- Computers for searching books (1)



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