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Master of Public Enterprise Policy

Projected Number of Admitted Students

  • Master of Public Enterprise Policy: 75

Admission Requirements

  • Applicant has received a Bachelor’s degree from a Korean or international university or has an educational background that is equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree
  • Applicant has over 5 years of experience working in public enterprise
  • Applicant must fulfill English Proficiency Test requirements (i.e., minimum score of 501 on TEPS, or minimum score of 71 on TOEFL IBT, or minimum score of 625 on TOEIC)
    - to be implemented in 2014
    - Applicants who graduated from universities in which the primary language is English are not required to submit English Proficiency Test scores
  • In addition to above, applicant has been recommended by the chief of his/her respective department
    * About TEPS :
    * About TOEIC :

Admission Process

  • Online application / early December 2013
  • Supplemental documents / mid December 2013
  • Evaluation of admission documents, interview & oral exam / late December 2013
  • Announcement of accepted candidates / late January 2014
  • Visit the Admission Guidelines section on the GSPA Master of Public Enterprise Policy website for information on exact dates (

Application Process

  • Step 1: submit online application
    Refer to the Admissions section on SNU homepage (
    -Online application
    -Application fee
  • Step 2: Supplemental documents (submit in person or via mail)
    -Application and verification ID (verification ID available after submitting online application)
    -Cover letter and Research Proposal (2 copies of each)
    -Official transcript and diploma
    -Recommendation letter from chief of department (2 copies)
    -Employment verification
    -English Proficiency Test score report (scores only valid for 2 years)

Please download document templates at GSPA Master of Public Enterprise Policy website (


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